October 4, 2018

October is Library Month

Announcing Library Month!

The month of October is the time of year when Ellie Klopp Library celebrates the library!

We will have displays, fun information about books, authors, and  writing, and free giveaways. 

Please join us beginning October 8, 2018.

Halloween books are out on display!  Don’t be afraid to pick one up for a fun read!

Look at on our Online Catalog and have fun!

Please visit and keep reading!

Library Page of our website is also filled with great information.

Library Blog - read updates about RSSAA Library Program along with resources available to the community.

Library Online Catalog - access searchable information about our collections at both the Lower School & High School campuses.

Parent Library (Early Childhood Library) explore our Waldorf Collections for Education. Parent Library is open for circulation at Coffee Hour and/or every Tuesdays (drop off time) & Thursdays (pick up time). By appt, contact Andrea Basso at abasso@steinerschool.org.

Questions or Comments? Email us any time at: librarians@steinerschool.org

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