November 30, 2017

Several important Celebrations are approaching


Several important Celebrations are approaching 

At this time of the year, no matter which tradition you have, 
all of them are related to celebrating the light in our soul! 
Which one you are related to? 

November 21, 2017

Twelve Days of Christmas

and other titles 
are available for you to checkout 
before the Winter Break.

Happy Holidays to you all !​
Would you like to volunteer during circulation hours, specially on Thursdays from 1-4pm? Do you have 1 hour/week?
Could you volunteer 1 hour/week helping us shelving Books? No experience is required, please e-mail

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Parent Library Circulation Hours: Every Tuesdays 8:30-10am at Multipurpose Room, or by appt (email Andrea Basso: 

Note: Parent Library is not a self-checkout Library anymore.

Do you have used books to donate? This year Parent Library has a goal to double its size, so if you have any books about 

November 16, 2017

Giving Thanks

We are very thankful to contribute to your knowledge through our books!

We would like to thank our wonderful kids that inspire us,
to thank parents for visiting our Libraries and making our E.C. Parent Library alive,
and specially thank our new Library volunteers that are being very helpful:

Arianna Gipson Infante (E.K.Library)
Bill Gardner (Parent Library)