May 7, 2015

Poet Tree at the Lower School & Poetry from Meagan

Our Poet Tree has bloomed gloriously at the Lower School! The April Poetry Month showers of wonderful contributions from students of all grades (Thank you Steiner poets!) brought May flowers of lovely poems to adorn the Ellie Klopp Library board amongst the butterflies...
The Poet Tree in bloom after Poetry Month
We look forward to sharing more about these poems in a future post. In the meantime, we'd like to leave you with a poem by Meagan Margerum-Leys, in memory of this beloved Steiner HS student and poet, and reflect upon the wonderful legacy we have from her collected works and the Stone House Library at the High School which was dedicated in her name on the date of her golden birthday on March 16, 2005...

Why is it so rare to see
A poem as lovely as a tree?
Poet-trees grow forests bright
See them dancing in the night.
Yes, only God can make a tree,
But sometimes fools will do for me.
A poet-tree that bends and sways
Can stick with you for days and days.
The fool that made it looks away,
He'd rather have you think a while
Than ruin his terrific style
Explaining it in prose and cons
The sand, the salt, the nights and dawns.
"And why sea is boiling hot
And whether pigs have wings."
~by Meagan Margerum-Leys / May 29, 2004
From a collection of Meagan's Writings on the Meagan's Corner website

Happy Reading! In celebration of the 10th Anniversary
of the Meagan Margerum-Leys Library this year,
Your RSSAA Librarians

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