May 3, 2016

Book Review: Ghost Wings

by Jenny Jung, RSSAA Early Childhood Chickadees (Pre-K) Assistant
Ghost Wings by Barbara M. Joosse
You can find this touching book for read-aloud or younger readers shelved with the Easy Books [E] at the Ellie Klopp Library
Thanks to Jenny Jung, Afternoon Assistant in the RSSAA Early Childhood Chickadees Room, for reviewing this book for us.

You can read Jenny's book review here:

In Ghost Wings by Barbara Joosse (2001), a sad little girl is not ready to let go of her grandmother who is her favorite person in the world.
"I pressed my nose into her pillow. At first I could smell cornmeal and roses, but after a while even the smell was gone."
Although the grandmother is gone and scent is fading away, memories of them making tortillas, laying on bed and chasing away imaginary monsters, and visiting the Magic Circle of oyamel fir trees to say goodbye to the monarch butterflies, will all stay with her forever.

My question for our wonderful community is this: 

What kind of scent will match the essence of who you are?

~Jenny Jung, RSSAA Chickadees Assistant

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