June 8, 2015

8th Grade Final Project: Ending Lower School with Class!

By Andrea Basso, RSSAA Librarian & 8th Grade Parent

Finishing a period of life:  the last project at the Lower School...the start of High School next year!

The 2014-15 School Year is ending at the Rudolf Steiner School of Ann Arbor, and the 8th graders are ending their time at the Lower School, anticipating the start of High School in the Fall. As part of their 8th grade Waldorf Curriculum, our students researched and wrote about a subject which they enjoy or wanted to learn more about; and they were also required to volunteer at least 10 hours in the community with work related to the topic that they chose for the project. Everything was guided beautifully by our class teacher, Mrs. Karen Sheridan.

Here, you can see the final part of the process they experienced and how distinct each one is from the other, bringing to us personalities, interests and points of view of our graduating 8th Grade Class... 

“Skyscrapers”, by Alex
A skyscraper is a tall building with many floors. I find them interesting because of the way they look, their architecture, height and how they have evolved. Skyscrapers come in various shapes and sizes. One of the first Skyscrapers was built in 1885 in Chicago Illinois, rising 10 stories high and 55 meters (180 feet). read more

“Cerebral Palsy - A view on differences,
disorders and the brain”, by Anneka

    "Cerebral Palsy”. Have you ever heard someone using this term when referring to a person? …Do you know what it means? read more…

    “History of Dogs”, by Aurelio

    The origins of dogs and their breeds are unknown. Nobody knows the specific origin of the companions that live aside us. But people believe that the history of how dogs read more

    “History of Comics”, by Cam

    “History of Infectious Disease”, by Cedar
    The Spanish Flu that occurred from 1918-1919 killed more people in two years than Hittler, nuclear weapons, and all the terrorists of history combined. Although the Spanish Flu killed many people, there have been other diseases even more devastating read more and its bibliography.

    “Hockey”, by George

      “Different Types of Energy that
      Generate Electricity”, by Giuliano

      For my eighth grade report I chose to talk about energy sources that create electricity and I will also explain why I think nuclear energy is one of the best energy sources. read more

      “Animal Cruelty”, by Grace
      A few thousand animal cruelty cases get called in to the Huron Valley Humane Society in Ann Arbor every year. People malnourish and otherwise harm their animals although we don’t hear of it often. Most of those cases are read more

      “Hockey”, by Hosni

        “Women and Sports”, by Izzy
          This research paper tells the story of women in sports, focusing on the marathon because of the interesting story of Kathrine Switzer and the famous Boston marathon.  The struggle of women to be allowed to enter that marathon serves as an example of the more general struggle of girls to be given the same opportunities in sports as boys.  A history of the marathon is followed by the story of Kathrine Switzer. read more

          “History of Computers”, by Jimmy
            The idea of computer was made up a long time ago, about 5,000 years ago, in the form of an abacus or what we would call an old-fashioned calculator. It was a frame of wood with strings going from one side to the other. On the string were beads. To count an amount, you would move... read more

            “Energy”, by Jonas

              “The Production and Sales of Coffee”, by Lucy

                “Biodynamic Farming”, by Lulu

                  "Concussions and their Impact in Sports", by Max

                    Have you or someone you have known had a concussion? I have not had a concussion, but I do know someone who has experienced one. My life long friend, Michael Smith, at age 12, was diagnosed with a concussion, which he got while playing soccer.  read more

                    “Pokemon”, by Nate

                    Did you know Pokemon was accused of being the anti-Christ and Darwinistic? These are two of the many things I will be speaking about my report on the games, anime (TV show), Trading Card Game (TCG), The Pokemon Company Intl. read more

                    “Drugs”, by Rosie

                        “Skiing”, by Sam

                        “Dance”, by Sean
                        For my 8th grade report, I chose to write about “Dance”. Dance is taught all around the world in genres from ballet to hip hop. It is believed that dance started when man discovered fire. Tribes would move freely around a fire and this was considered “dance”. Dance is also depicted in paintings by the Ancient Egyptians from as early as 3300 BC. read more 

                        “De-extinctions”, by Sofia
                        “Suddenly the sky became dark, there was no light in the room, and a rumbling noise grew louder, I was certain it was a tornado.”  –Alexander Wilson

                        Once, the passenger pigeon flew over America in such great masses that the sun would be covered up by thousands of birds, for hours at a time. Now all we have of these amazing birds are stuffed museum specimens.  read more

                        “Music Therapy and the Unconscious mind”, by Sarah

                          Music therapy is a method of emotional and physical healing used to aid people of all illness. The American Music Therapy Association since the year read more

                          "Global Warming”, by Tolkien
                          Climate change is the one of the largest and possibly the most important issue humans now face.  It is a real threat and has the potential to destroy the world as we know it.  In this paper I hope to educate you on the causes of climate change, the future effects of climate change and how you can help fight against it.  read more

                          “Radio Controlled Vehicles”, by Wilder
                            For my 8th grade report I choose the topic of remote controlled vehicles. I will talk about drones that are used by the military as well as robots and hobby type remote controls (RC). For my report I will have two sections: one about military application and one about hobby application. The military section read more

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