January 7, 2015

Bicycle Block: Biking in Michigan

While most of our bikes are put away for the winter, here are some things that can help us learn more about biking in Michigan, reminisce about one of our favorite main lesson blocks, and look forward to the next time we might find ourselves on a bicycle or along a bike path...

An upcoming lecture/event:
History of Bicycling in Michigan
2-3pm on Saturday 2/14/2015
by local bike shop mechanic Kevin Sanchez
at the Downtown Library (Ann Arbor District Library)
"Learn about the history of the mode of transportation that made its mark in our state, before the arrival of the automobile."
~Appropriate for adults and teens (grade 6+)

Remembering previous Bicycle Blocks:

*Detroit Waldorf School at RSHS (2013) 
*RSSAA 8th Graders Share Experience at the HS (2014) 

And did you know that...

Michigan, with over 1000 miles, is among the top states for the number of bicycle routes...new official route recently added in the Upper Peninsula. 

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