October 15, 2014

Bicycle Block: 8th graders' experience at the HS

By Andrea Basso
RSSAA Lower School Librarian & 8th Grade Class Parent

Our 8th graders are happy to share about Bicycle Block...

> Click here to view our album of wonderful Drawings for Bicycle Block by Ms. Sheridan & her 8th Grade Class <

The 8th graders recently spent two weeks at the Rudolf Steiner High School during Bicycle Block, having Main Lesson "Bicycle Art" with Ms. Elena Efimova, "Bicycle History" with Dr. Siân Owen-Cruise, and "Bicycle Physics" with Mr. Gary Banks. Here's what they thought of the experience:

“We had 3 different main lessons. My favorite was bicycle history. I enjoyed learning about how bikes developed and were used over the years.” (Cedar M.)

“My personal favorite was the one where we talked about the financial ups and downs of cars versus bicycles (history block). I think I liked that one because it brought out the aspect of riding a bicycle that I actually care about.” (Tolkien B.B.)

“I found very interesting how much the bicycle changed History." (Lulu M.)

“It was fascinating learning about the first bike and how it evolved over time.” (Rosie F.)

“We learned everything and more about bikes. From History to bike Maintenance, we learned it all...We drew people riding on bikes and crazy backgrounds.” (Sean P.)

“(In Bicycle art class) I drew a chopper bike with Arnold Schwarzenegger as the Terminator on it." (Aurelio P.)

“I liked the art main lesson best, drawing my own representation of a person riding a bike.” (Michelle L.)

“My favorite main lesson was the physics aspect of the bike, where we learned about the gyroscopic effect. I liked that because I love physics.” (Giuliano B.)

“I liked learning about the gears.” (Max B.)

“I really enjoyed our bicycle care class. It was really interesting to see how to change a tire and other important parts on the bike.” (George G.)

On four days of the Block, the Rudolf Steiner School students rode their own bikes on trails through different Parks of Ann Arbor with their colleagues from Oakland Steiner School:

“I liked the excitement of the ride.” (Franklin D.)

“I really liked the first single track ride. It was hard and confusing at first, but proved to be the most memorable. The winding trails and obstacles made the ride fun and interesting as something that will stick with me my whole life (hopefully).” (Sarah R.)

“The ride that I enjoyed most was the first day at Olson Park. The ride was bumpy and steep in some places. Anneka, Erin and I screamed, screeched and yelled the whole time. We each fell and crashed into the things around us multiple times. The rides were lots of fun but made my hands and bottom hurt.” (Izzy A.)

“My Favorite ride was the last one, the very long one through Gallup Park.” (Alex C.O.)

“The rides were fun because they were challenging and exciting.” (Wilder J.)

“My favorite ride was the single track trails because of the excitement and the difficulty.” (Sofie M.)

The High School environment made them think and feel in a different way! They interacted with older students and with the Oakland Steiner School kids as well. And looks like the opportunity of being able to buy their own lunch, enjoying the long one-hour recess, and having lemonade and popsicles, was a positive experience for everybody:

“We did not have to pack a lunch because we could order food: I liked that!” (Jimmy R.)

“Being in the high school was very fun, we had more freedom and it was cool hanging out with the older kids for a change.” (Jonas M.) 

“It was really fun at the high school because I got to see some of my best friends.” (Cam S.)

“Being at the High School made me feel older and a little nervous.” (Tolkien B.B.)

“I like that everybody was nice to us, especially because we were not in the high school yet.” (Max B.)

“I liked being at the High School because it was a fun atmosphere and it was fun to be the youngest again...I wish we got to have another two week block at the high school with the Oakland Steiner School.” (Anneka H.)

“I liked how they had one long lunch recess instead of two short recess... It was fun being the youngest people at the school.” (Rosie F.)

“Being at the high school was awesome. We had a lot more freedom and it was really nice seeing the Oakland Steiner School again. It was also fun seeing the 9th graders we know.” (Grace E.G.)

“I liked being at the high school because we really got to see what life is like there.” (Lucy S.)

“I loved being at the high school! We could order lunch every day. The one-hour lunch, Friday assembly and being with my sister (11th grade) were all things that made the high school so much fun.” (Nate P.)

“I enjoyed being at the HS because it showed me what it would be like at the Steiner HS and made me want to go even more. I think that the Steiner High School is a great place that I will enjoy going to.” (Hosni B.)

“I really enjoyed the Bike Block.” (George G.)

“All together, the Bicycle Block was awesome.” (Sean P.)

“The bicycle block was a unique experience in my life that I won’t forget.” (Sam W.)

Updated 1/7/2015: Click here for our follow-up blog post >Bicycle Block: Biking in Michigan

For book and internet resources on Bicycle Block topics...

Check out these 8th Grade Curriculum-related Books at the Ellie Klopp Library and in our Online Catalog:

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