September 23, 2014

Waldorf Selections at the Ellie Klopp Library

by Eileen Ho
RSSAA Librarian, High School/Online

Classic Reader Set by Kelly Morrow

"Inspirational Children's Books...tried and tested in Waldorf schools and their communities - keeping children engaged, enchanted, and filled with wonder." *

Waldorf books for children in all grades are now on the shelves at The Ellie Klopp Library at the Lower SchoolSome of these books are also accessible free online as eBooks (PDF versions available for free download!) from the Online Waldorf Library, a project of the Research Institute for Waldorf Education which provides resources searchable by grade level and subject as well as books for sale through Waldorf Publications.

We are excited to share these Waldorf books with the children and their families at RSSAA! View a full listing of titles in our online catalog at:

>> Read on to learn more about some of the wonderful titles you will find at our library and online:

[*from Waldorf Publications,]

Classic Reader Set by Kelly Morrow (Grades 1+)

Written and illustrated by a Waldorf class teacher, these four introductory readers are both humorous and adventurous, promising to keep the children's attention. The author is a trained reading specialist and has attempted to use her skills to provide young children with adequate material as they learn the mysterious skill of reading. These early chapter books require a basic mastery of decoding and simple punctuation. When used as a set they build on the skills used in the previous book.

...This set includes Lazy Jack, about a boy who goes off into the world on his own. He tries to do as his mother has told him but things don't always turn out so well. King Thrushbeard tells the tale of a supercilious princess who thinks she is too good to marry any of the suitors her father has picked for her. In The Prince and the Dragon, a fire breathing beast has threatened and nearly devoured an entire kingdom. Can the prince conquer the dragon and return the peace to his kingdom? Finally, in Sylvain and Jocosa, two friends become unhappy after being separated and lost from each other. Searching high and low, it is finally help from a fairy that returns their happiness.
The Waldorf Reader Series by Arthur M. Pittus

The Waldorf Reader Series by Arthur M. Pittis (Grades 2-4)

With illustrations by Ausa M. Peacock, this is a five-book reader series that includes more than 125 multicultural stories and poems for grades two through four. All five books in the series use language that is progressively controlled and increasingly rich in sight and phonetic vocabulary development, from story to story and book to book. These readers complement the pedagogical intentions of the language arts curriculum.

...Fee Fi Fo Fum! contains 24 fairy and folk tales from around the world, retold with a crisp and clear voice that is great for second graders. Warm, meaningful and humorous, the third grade reader, As My Heart Awakes, is full of fables and tales of saints. When I Hear My Heart Wonder continues with fables and stories of saints. Uplifting and captivating, this reader builds on the books before it and is geared towards late third graders. For third grade extra lesson work, Snip, Snap, Snout contains charming stories that are kept short but captivating. Finally, for the late fourth grade, Sun So Hot I Froze to Death is full of American hero folk tales and poems from African and European traditions. Introducing various narrative voices and non-standard English, this volume compliments the upcoming grade five geography curriculum.

The Star Trilogy by Donald Samson

The Star Trilogy by Donald Samson (Grades 4+)

A coming of age story, The Star Trilogy is a captivating tale of a young boy's surprising relationship with and emerald-green luck dragon. For fourth grade and up, this set of three books is an enjoyable read for any age. Its themes of courage and unforeseen turns is especially suited for the Michaelmas season. At home or in the classroom, parents and teachers of younger grades can easily read it to their children. It is useful as a reader in the fifth or sixth grade to stimulate conversation around good and evil, bullying, finding a purpose in life, destiny, perseverance, and, above all, courage. 

...The story begins with The Dragon Boy, orphaned twice by the time he was nine; he was living on the streets and did not even know his own name. He was not allowed to set foot in the one place he was determined to find work. To complete the disaster of his young life, he was in love. The object of his affections was Star, an immense, emerald-green dragon. But here good fortune finally smiled upon him:  Star was a Luck Dragon. The story continues with The Dragon of Two Hearts. The curse of the wild dragon, Scorch, lies heavy upon the land of Gladur Nock. Scorch holds the people hostage to his ravenous and bloody demands. Michael, who has wandered for years as a knight errant, hears of the dragon's bane and realizes that the Luck Dragon Star had trained him for this moment. Full of foreboding, he rides to their aid. The Story concludes with The Dragon, the Blade, and the Thread. Frustrated by his father's expectations to follow in his footsteps, Prince Corin prefers sewing to sword fighting. His Cousin Elinor has the eagerness for skills at arms which he lacks and, by a stroke of luck, uncovers a plot to overthrow the crown. Both cousins are befriended by a marketplace magician, whom the queen suspects is a master of the black arts and the cause of their Luck Dragon's baffling illness. When their lives and the destiny of the kingdom are at stake, Corin must choose either to trust this mysterious old man or heed the warnings of his parents.

Check out a Waldorf eBook!

You can find the following books on the Waldorf Selections shelf in the Ellie Klopp Library AND as an eBook in the Online Waldorf Library

The Invisible Guardians (read aloud grade 1+)
Puck the Gnome (grades 1-4 and read aloud PK+)
Rukia Goes to School (grades 2-4)
Little Gnome Tenderroot (grade 2 and read aloud PK+)
Saint Odelia (grades 2-4)
Columban (grades 2-4)
The Bee Book (grades 4&5)
Little Bee Sunbeam (grade 5)
The Falconer (grade 6)
Geron and Virtus (grades 6&7)
Three Knight Tales (grades 6&7)
Copernicus (grades 7&8)

Click on the titles above or search the Online Waldorf Library to find PDF versions of eBook titles available for free download at:

Here you can view the online catalog of books in our Waldorf Selections collection that are also available as an eBook:

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