September 9, 2014

Meet the Librarians!

Who are the RSSAA Librarians?

Karen Totten - RSSAA Program Director & Ellie Klopp Library
Andrea Basso - E. K. Library & Parent Library
Cora Allen - E. K. Library
Jim Johnston - E. K. Library
Eileen Ho - RSSAA Library Volunteer

Prior to 2018-2019 school year:
Claudia Browne - E. K. Library & Teacher
Tim Schramm - Book Acquisitions
Eileen Ho - High School & Technology

Meet your Librarians at school and in these online biographies...

Ms. Karen Totten, Lower School Librarian
and Program Director
“Working at the Ellie Klopp Library is a great opportunity,” says Karen Totten, RSSAA Librarian. “The school asks us to research and read interesting books, purchase them, and share them with others! It is a wonderful job.”

Karen has been working at the Ellie Klopp Library since September of 2010. Her two sons graduated from the Rudolf Steiner High School --- Alex Burns (Class of 2010; Earlham College ‘14) and Noah Burns (Class of 2013; St. John’s College ‘17). Both began at RSSAA as kindergarteners.

In addition to her work at Steiner, Karen is a journalist and teacher. She has published in Crazy Wisdom Journal and currently her writing appears periodically in Groundcover News. For 8 years she taught Creative Writing and Freshman Composition at Saginaw Valley State University. She holds a BS and a MA in English from Central Michigan University (1987).

*Karen likes:  poetry, collage, music, books, books and more books.  

*Her Favorite Authors:  J. K. Rowling, Harper Lee, Harriet Beecher Stowe, Mary Oliver.  

*Her Favorite Library Activities: Helping students find good books, building the library collection to express the curriculum of the school, and researching and buying new books!

Mrs. Andrea Basso, Lower School Librarian
Andrea Basso is from Brazil and since 2011 has lived in Ann Arbor (her home city of São Paulo has a population of over 20 million which is about 200 times that of AA!). She has two children at RSSAA: High Schooler Giuliano (Class of 2019) and Nicolle at the Lower School (Class of 2027). Giuliano also attended a Waldorf School in Brazil since Pre-K. Her husband, Eduardo, works for Ford, which is the reason why her family moved to Michigan.

In addition to her work in the Library, Andrea is an Occupational Therapist (Master's Degree, University of São Paulo). She specializes in mind-body connections and is an instructor of the Meir Schneider Self-Healing Method.

Andrea likes to dance, bike, walk her Bernese Mountain dog, travel and learn about different cultures. She also enjoys reading non-fiction, Waldorf and medical books, as well as listening to audio books.
Andrea started working in the Ellie Klopp Library first as a parent volunteer in 2012 and then joined the library staff in 2013, also helping with the Early Childhood Parent Library. She is thankful for the experience, which gives her a chance to interact with the children and helps her to improve her English and learn more about American culture. It especially warms her heart when children come down the hallway just to say “Hi!” at the library door.

Ms. Tim Schramm, E.K. Librarian
Tim Schramm is a long-time Volunteer Librarian at the Ellie Klopp Library, parent of two RSSAA alumnae, and library staff member since the earlier years of the RSSAA Lower School. Tim has always shown her love and care for books through her generous and unending work for the school library, including searching for quality book deals at local library sales and handwriting thousands of book labels and catalog cards! With much thanks to Tim's guidance and dedication, we are able to provide many wonderful books to our readers today.

Ms. Eileen Ho, High School Librarian
Eileen Ho started as a librarian at the Lower School in 2010 and currently works at the High School and with the RSSAA Library's online program. She joined the RSSAA community in 2009 as a school parent after returning to the Tree City from the Twin Cities with her family --- her high school sweetheart Larry An (MD/Center for Health Communications Research at UMich) & their four children: Jasmine (Class of 2011; Kalamazoo College '15), Ruby (2013; University of Chicago '17), Webster (2016) & Maya (2018) An.

Originally from Ann Arbor, Eileen grew up thinking that Maize & Blue were the official colors of the State of Michigan. After three years as a Huron High River Rat (‘83), she went on to study Earth Sciences and Environmental Studies at the University of Michigan (‘88, got a Master’s Science!) She continued to explore the wondrous world with her children while homeschooling in Minnesota, where she also enjoyed learning Javanese gamelan and dance (Indonesian Performing Arts Association of MN) and Japanese taiko drumming (Mu Performing Arts). Returning to Michigan, she and Larry were happy to join the Raion Taiko drumming group (Great Lakes Taiko Center) and to follow their children’s growth through the Waldorf school and beyond.

Besides organizing books and playing with computers, Eileen likes to drive electric cars, plan green home renovations, go on travel dates, watch soccer games, and make music on the piano and drums.

Eileen enjoys working on the RSSAA Library Blog and Online Catalog, and she looks forward to working with students and teachers at the High School to help find and share relevant resources in our book collections and online.
Mrs. Maribel Rosas, Parent Library Volunteer 2013-15

We also welcome those interested in joining our Volunteer Team and thank our 2015-16 volunteers at the Lower School:

Susan Whitelaw, Aileen Corso, Ingrid Picazo, Candice Kowaski and Renee Mueller,
along with Trudy (Parent Library) and Kate H. (book reviews)

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